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The Got Blockz is a free forum for discussing Bike Life. The opinions and comments expressed here are those of individuals who enjoy Bike Life and not necessarily those of sponsors, advertisers or the Forum Director. If you're researching Bike Life movement - or have been a Biker for many years - you will find The Got Blockz contains a wealth of first-hand information from Bike Life around the world. Feel free to register and post to the Forums. You may want to read some of the existing posts beforehand in order to get a "feel" for our friendly and informative conversations. Each member is allowed one user ID.Enjoy!

These forum guidelines are a work in progress and are not complete at this time. They may be changed or updated without notice. Please follow these guidelines when using The Got Blockz forum.

Posting as a New Forum Member

Pick your username carefully, because username changes are not allowed. Your username cannot be profane or otherwise problematic. As a new member, it is always a good idea to introduce yourself in your initial post. Giving details about your current fishing situation or type of fishing information you are seeking. It is not good practice, as a new Member, to post off-site links. The Forum was designed to promote discussion of Bike Life -related topics and not to be used to post personal or advertising links. If you wish to post an advertisement or notification then please contact a Got Blockz Moderator for instructions. The Got Blockz Community is a very powerful and knowledgeable one. The best advice as a new member is to be yourself. Don't try to outwit current Got Blockz users or storm into the forum with a personal agenda as it will only result in a negative first impression. Starting topics which are emotional often results in arguments and that's not good.

Posting of Offsite Web Links

You may post a link to a site other than The Got Blockz , provided it is done to answer a question and not to solely advertise or promote your website. Any posts containing links that are determined to be for the sole purpose to advertise or promote will be deleted. No unapproved advertising of any business is allowed on this forum. If you have a personal boating-related website, and you wish to post a link, then please contact The Hull Truth Webmaster for instructions.

Selling Your Personal Merchandise

Forum members may only post their personal items for sale in the forum. Any for sale posts outside of the FORUM will be deleted. No dealers or brokers may sell their items using the  forum unless they are paid Got Blockz Sponsors. For complete rules and regulations regarding selling your merchandise on The Got Blockz please read the rules guidelines:

Name Changes

Got Blockz does not allow name changes because of the inevitable confusion over who used to be what and when. There are rare exceptions to this rule and those exceptions are usually made for legal reasons.

We do Not Endorse Advertisers
Companies and individuals who would like to advertise on Got Blockz are welcome to do so providing they pay for the privilege. This is a private bulletin board. As such, Got Blockz reserves the right to refuse to allow an advertisement for any reason. Got Blockz does not endorse the advertisers and makes no statement of worthiness regarding same. Got Blockz specifically encourages its users to form their own judgments regarding any products or advertisements listed. As such, opinions are likely to be expressed which advertisers may or may not want to hear. Such is the risk any advertiser takes on this site.

Posting Guidelines for Marine Industry and Advertisers

We encourage discussion between Bike Life Members, our advertisers and our Forum members, but specific product and/or service advertising is strictly limited to the appropriate areas. There are numerous advantages to joining our exclusive Vendors Forum, becoming a banner advertiser or Got Blockz Sponsor.
Those in the Bike Life Industry may freely post to the Forum just as any other Got Blockz member with certain limitations.

    It is good practice to identify your company affiliation, without a web link, in your posts.
    You may not start a thread in the main Forum area to highlight or discuss your products. If you are assisting or offering information to another Got Blockz member on an issue directly related to your company, you may mention your company name but not use an active link when posting.
    Posting under a fictitious name to promote your product or service will result in forfeiture of all Forum posting rights.
    You may not bump threads or have other users bump your threads to keep active a thread that has run its course.
    You may not send PMs to users who have not posted into the thread with the objective of selling to them. This will be considered spam.
    Please do not express non-factual or personal opinions on competitor’s products.
    Current participants of Got Blockz Ad Programs must also follow these Guidelines. Banner advertisers or sponsors from other Got Blockz ad programs do not have additional posting privileges other than those detailed in that Ad Program.
    You MAY NOT advertise, promote, or link to any product or service related to your company or its subsidiaries, with the following exceptions: Vendors with vendor forums may link back to their Got Blockz vendor forum in posts. Those posts must be relevant to the conversation at hand, and on-topic or will be removed. Got Blockz Sponsors may begin threads in the areas of the Got Blockz  forums which are appropriate for the purposes of advertising and product promotion.
    Guidelines for "informational" product posts are as follows: A. They must contain real, new information about a product. B. They must not substantially duplicate existing threads or posts. C. They must not contain sales language, pricing, availability information (other than a manufacturer release date), or branding other than the manufacturer's (i.e. no photos with stickers or water marks with the reseller's name, logo, etc.).
    Active Commercial links in signatures are not allowed. See the signature guidelines below.

Advertising Your Products or Services

There are several advertising programs for Vendors offered on The Got Blockz , each with their own set of detailed guidelines. If you are not part of a Got Blockz Ad Program you may not promote or advertise your product or services here. You can visit here  for more information. Advertisements are placed here by the advertisers and no endorsement by Got Blockz is expressed or implied.


Any messages or information you post to the forum become the sole property of the site operator and may or may not be displayed, or edited to remove offensive content, at the sole discretion of the site operator. The posting of copyrighted or illegal material is prohibited-- you must obey all applicable local laws, including those of the server and site owner. You may not post information invasive of another's personal privacy rights, harassment, libelous, or information of a confidential or copyrighted nature. Threads must be posted in the proper forums ie; boating in the boating forum and trucks and trailers in the truck and trailer forum. Threads outside of the correct forum may be moved or deleted at moderator discretion.

This forum is provided as a public service and your usage of this service may be terminated at any time by the site operator without prior notice. The Got Blockz , it's Officers, partners, members and all other parties with which it deals or is associated with, accept absolutely no responsibility or liability for what is published upon this web site. The purpose of The Hull Truth is to provide the opportunity for debate and discourse, and the sharing of opinions and predictions within the boating community and those organizations and individuals associated with it. All comments published here are published exactly as we received them from the author. They do not necessarily represent the views of The Got Blockz and we pass no opinion as to the content, nor do we accept any responsibility for the claims or statements made. Information submitted to the system should not be considered confidential or private and may be revealed as part of normal system operations. No warranty of service is implied.

Although Got Blockz does not and cannot review the messages posted and is not responsible for the content of any of these messages, we at Got Blockz reserve the right to delete any message for any or no reason whatsoever. You remain solely responsible for the content of your messages, and you agree to indemnify and hold harmless Got Blockz, and their agents with respect to any claim based upon transmission of your message(s). We at Got Blockz reserve the right to revoke your membership to Got Blockz or disable your posting ability for any or no reason whatsoever. If as a member of Got Blockz, you feel you have cause to pursue legal action against Got Blockz, IB, and/or its officers, employees or agents, you agree to cease posting on Got Blockz until such time as the matter is resolved.


Below are some Signature Guidelines to help keep a friendly atmosphere on the forum and speed up page loading time.
1) No active commercial links. That includes Facebook and other social media sites. Links to your own non-commercial site may be allowed at Got Blockz discretion. You may list a commercial site in your signature, but it may not be a link. If you have a Got Blockz Vendor Forum, you may of course link to it.
2) No political statements in your signature, whether they are images or text.
3) The maximum total size for the signature is 500x200pixels. This 200x500 block includes all text and images. If your sig fits in that block, it's ok.
4) Images of a pornographic nature, explicit, or sexually oriented images should not be put up as signatures. The same applies to violent images.
5) Do not include animation, gifs, flashing text or images, or anything else designed to be obnoxious to the eye.
6) Keep your signature left-aligned.

For reference, this is 200x500 pixels (total allowable signature size):

If your ENTIRE SIGNATURE does not fit in this block, it's out of spec and must be reduced. This includes photos in the signature block.